Bonte Piet

Taal / Sprache / Language

the 'Bonte Piet'

Sailing over the mudflats ,

you can smell the salty Sea.

" The sea calls out,

Inviting you ,

To enjoy the ‘simple life"

We would like to invite you for a day, weekend of week!

A typical day on the ‘Bonte Piet’:

The guests want to visit the island of Terschelling for a weekend.

At 10 pm we depart from Harlingen, the now favorable currents can take us away across the mudflats, because today we shall not sail through the channel.

At low tides this route is unnavigable, due to whole areas being exposed.

Together we hoist the sails, switch off the engine and enjoy the .. utter silence!

Meanwhile we enjoy the view of seals, swimming along our side for a while. The porpoise doesn’t want to be seen today.

Just before the coast of Terschelling there is a beautiful sandbank named ‘the Riepel’. It’s passable during high tides but we arrive a tad later than expected and .. oops.

We stranded.. The tide was too low!

Bad luck?

You might wanted to go shopping on Terschelling ?

But look: the water withdraws and during the low tide the ship has come to rest on a sandbank.

You can now actually walk across the seafloor!

And such silence.. (would anyone already miss the shopping?)

We decide to look for scallops and mussels. You might just find some oysters too!

Or you could try catching some prawns in a small gully using a scoop-net.

These taste delicious in a local dish named ‘Wadden –gold’. Enjoy!

Also the birds seem to feast during low tides, while seals are resting on the sandbanks.

Just before sunset the tide rises again, the ship pulls away.

Enthusiastic we hoist the sails again and arrive just before dark in the harbor of Terschelling.

And all I see is smiling faces!

We enjoy some after .. Cheers!, and I thank the guests for their presence! 

‘We can’t change the wind, but we can adjust the sails’


As in the story, each area has its own attractions. All around the Ijsselmeer you can for example find beautiful old trade cities.

Or we could visit the Frisian lakes by sailing through the city of Harlingen. The low draft of the ‘Bonte Piet’ will allow us to do so.

You could also sail through some impressing national reserves, which are also very suited for a relaxing walk or bike tour.

In agreement with the skipper and mate you can make your own arrangements; ‘lots of sailing, less sailing and more walking or biking. Swimming, fishing, visit some towns, go out, build a campfire? ‘

Or we could visit Frisian towns like Stavoren and Hindelopen, and then carry on to Enkhuizen or Amsterdam.


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